Recently I’ve taken just a little bit of time to myself and a break from everything, which is nice sometimes. It also means that I have reawakened my love of hot chocolate. Whoops. Holiday bod is not going to happen anytime soon!

It has also allowed me to invest some of my free time in a few important things.

One being that recently all of my necessary expensive items have all decided to pack in all at once. Great. So I’ve been researching some much needed material things, like a car, camera and lenses. Yeah so I’ll be eating beans for the rest of the year.

But on the bright side I will be doing some exciting posts soon about my new photography equipment. *Hint hint* I’m going mirrorless!

This has also lead me to find lots of new photography based bloggers and you tubers which is so inspiring and just makes me want to get on with some shooting now!Β Its also really refocused where my interests lie and I have oodles of new ideas for posts and projects to work on. Which has lead me to neaten up my Pinterest too.

In some other news I have lots of exciting family changes going on. My brother has just bought a house with his girlfriend who is also 11 days overdue with their baby, how exciting! (I do feel sorry for her though, it’s a bit manic) Β So I have been catching up with them and spending some real quality time, in between all of the painting.

It should be a pretty busy month in August so it was nice to take some time out and regroup.